Guest Blog – Nutrition and Cancer

I was asked to share a blog written by Jillian McKee ( regarding nutrition and its importance before, during and after cancer treatment.  Her website is http:/

Nutrition Should Be a Focus Before And After Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatments can be very harsh to the body. The second and third treatment is not going to be any easier on the body than the first one. This is usually the case with oral drugs, chemotherapy and all of the other treatments that are out there. The side effects can be severe. One of the best ways to prevent the severity is through practicing good nutrition.

Penn Medicine has released a list of cancer guidelines that state the importance of exercise during and after cancer treatments. The reason is to help with the rehabilitation and preventing other problems.

The same is true of nutrition. Focusing on good nutrition before and after cancer treatments will ensure the body stays strong, recovers quickly and doesn’t endure any other problems. Cancer is hard enough on the body. Getting diabetes, heart disease or anything else in addition can only weaken the body further.

Various types of cancer will result in different treatments and different side effects. Mesothelioma treatment side effects can cause problems with digestion, dehydration and much more. With the right changes to your diet, you can help to compensate for these. This will provide you with a better quality of life when you don’t have to deal with so many of the side effects.

The severity of the side effects is often proportionate with your body weight as well as the strength of your body. Your body weight can be managed through proper nutrition. Similarly your body will go stronger when you’re eating the right balance of foods.

You have heard the same things before. You must control your calorie intake. Talk to your doctor to find out how many calories you should be consuming each day. From there, take the time to work with a nutritionist to see what kinds of foods are best for you.

Leafy greens have a number of benefits. They act as antioxidants and they will aid in digestion. Since one of the side effects of many cancer treatments is indigestion and constipation, eating lettuce, cabbage and other vegetables can help you get through these side effects with ease.

Other foods that you should focus on include a lot of garlic and herbs. These contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that you won’t find in processed foods. Many of these have been proven to help with cancer and the side effects that it causes on the body.

Do your research. The type of cancer that you have been diagnosed with may affect some of your body’s normal functions. If you eat different foods than you have been eating, it may help you to counteract some of the problems that you would otherwise face.

Nutrition has always been an important thing to work on throughout your life. As you prepare for cancer treatments, you want to focus on getting more nutrients into your body than ever before. Talk with your doctor, stock up on fresh ingredients and get ready to eat healthier so that you feel healthier.