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Dining with the Dietitian

Meat And Potatoes I am married to a “meat and potatoes” guy.  Not big on fruits and veggies.  A bit overweight (ex-college football player – you know the type).  No family history of heart disease.  As a matter of fact, his blood lipids are surprisingly intact based on what his dietary intake has been for our 23 years of marriage (thank goodness.) Given all these facts, it is quite challenging as a dietitian to get him to eat well.  Time and time again I try to get him to take one of his unhealthy habits and replace it with a healthier one.  Well, you cannot make a person change.  They have to want it themselves.  I know it is very, very difficult to make changes.  Let me be clear about that.

I recall an incident that happened when we went out to lunch recently.  He ordered a cheeseburger, and as is typical, it was to…

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